There are numerous situations where selling a house for cash is preferable to the traditional process of working through a real estate agent and listing the property on the market. Foreclosures, probate and inherited properties can be extremely difficult to sell via the conventional method. Older homes compromised by storm damage, fire, water, termites or in need of a roof can be very expensive to prepare for sale. Properties that are currently occupied by an undesirable tenant are difficult to unload. Perhaps the tenants have moved out and left behind a significant amount of trash, furnishings and debris. Preparing the home for a showing involves a great deal of time, labor and expense. Cash buyers accept properties in any condition and with any issue. Those homes with title concerns, code violations, low equity, canceled insurance and with tax liens are eligible for a cash offer.

Cash buyers will take ownership of condemned properties. For anyone looking to walk away with cash in-hand quickly, a cash transaction is desirable. Cash home buyers focus on a fast, hassle-free sale. The process is streamlined to avoid the paperwork, requirements and stress of a traditional listing. One of the main advantages of working with a cash buyer is the lamination of risky bank financing and closing delays. There is no investment into repairs, no worry over inspections and no waiting for mortgage approvals. The cash buyer isn’t going to suddenly back out. Contacting a cash home buyer in the Phoenix area is as simple as filling out an online form. An evaluation of the property results in a no-obligation cash offer. Once the offer is accepted, the closing is usually completed within two weeks.