Our Story

Our Story Byron got his start in construction by working for his father cleaning his paint brushes in 1975. By the time he was 14 years old he had his own crew. Byron’s first “flip” was in 1983 with him working as the contractor for some investors who knew his father and saw the entrepreneurial spirit in Byron. They had purchased a 100 year old house in downtown Omaha that had all sorts of problems, each of which were addressed in due time by Byron and the subcontractors he hired and managed. His first personal “ flip” was in Orem Utah in 1991. The newly married Byron was a full-time student who purchased a HUD home to renovate and live in with he and his new little family.


In 1996, Byron Applegate became a licensed contractor in Arizona. He and his father bought their first three short sales in 1998 as he continued working in construction. In 2011, Byron saw an opportunity to capitalize on the recovering housing market so he became a licensed realtor and started buying houses as an investor.

Building a Family Business

Byron and his team have purchased, fixed up, and sold thousands of houses in the Phoenix area. Byron’s brother Spencer is the CEO and co-founder of K10 Companies, The licensed general contracting company that does all of Applegate Home Buyers‘ construction. Byron’s son Hunter is a superintendent for Spencer. Byron’s other son Ryker oversees operations and heads up the acquisitions for Applegate Home Buyers.

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